Grasshopper player - Control bar Rhino to GH

Hi, I’m looking for connection bar from GH to get in Rhino.
like this screenshot :

Do you know what is called or how can i find some examples/tutorials ?

Referens : Pixelbuilding - YouTube

I looked on GH player for Rhino 7 but I din’t found any tutorials and also seems that is little different.

My goal is to get some control bar what it can control input form Rhino for GH script. For example how many stories I want.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

That is the remote control panel. On the Rhino side open the Grasshopper panel


In grasshopper for components that select it right-click on the component (say a slider), and select Publish to Remote Panel


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That’s exactly what I looked for. Thanks :slight_smile: