Grasshopper beginner

Hello Guys, I am trying to create textures on this dome however I am encountering some issues. I am a beginner in grasshopper and perhaps you could give me some advice, please
So basically I have gone through many tutorials for honeycomb textures but I don’t manage to make it on my surface.
The result I wish to achieve is to have the honeycomb cell to be the same dimension, I know I could to a displacement map in Rhino but I wish to parametrize the pattern.

this is was I ve got so far.

and those are my trial scripts

Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Hi! Try downloading Lunchbox plugin from food4rhino, It can create several patterns such as honeycomb on surfaces. Best of luck!

Hello Flow23, thank you for the quick answer, I am using the lauchbox, the hex function in my trial comes from it, but it does not achieve what I really want.