Grasshopper loading error mac

GH_Load_Ex.txt (13.1 KB)
it seems like I downloaded a bugged grasshopper plug-in. how do I remove the plugin from the ‘components’ folder when I can’t access grasshopper?

Just use Finder to delete the plugin from the ‘components’ folder (no need to access grasshopper). You can use the Rhino command _GrasshopperFolders if you don’t know where the ‘components’ folder is located.


Thanks, I now know how to access the components folder. I think the millipede library is the problem.
I downloaded the millipede library from the internet, what’s the problem with this file?

i want to install these files

I get the same result trying to start grasshopper with the Milipede plugin installed (downloaded from a couple of different sources). It works fine on Windows.

Some plugins are not compatible with macOS.


oh… well that’s a shame
thank you for helping me though Kevin! your quick replies really helped me a lot.