Grasshopper loading erro with pufferfish

Hi, All.
I have installed the lateset pufferfish. When I start my GH, it always says like below image.

Could some one tell me how to solve this problem?
Many thanks!

can you export the error log and upload it here?

It looks like you installed Pufferfish two times.

If you are running Rhino 7 and previously have Rhino 6 installed, you might still have the rhino 6 version on your computer somewhere.

Hi ! @gankeyu @christopher.ho thanks for your advice. I will try your solution first, if still exists, I will export my error here.
Many thanks!

Looks like Coff settings error.

Hi, All
I think maybe I cannot correct this error by my self. Bad luck :rofl:
I cannot find a folder named Special Folders in Grasshopper with Rhino 7, is that chaged a new name?
Or is it not in my installation folder (as I choose install rhino in Disc D other than C)?
GH_Load_Ex.txt (39.2 KB)
Here is my error report.
Hope some one can help :pray:

Just follow pf installation instructions, it works fine. As instructions say, install in File > Special Folders > Components Folder (which brings you to a folder actually called Libraries).

I have seen this error if:
A. Plugin is in the wrong folder (there is a folder actually called Components, this is not the folder it should be in)
B. Multiple installs of Pufferfish are present.
C. You didn’t restart Rhino after installation.
D. You didn’t actually unzip the download from food4rhino but instead just dragged the .gha outside of the zip folder, make sure to unzip.

All this is written in the installation file.

Thanks Michael. I think I can sort out the problem with your suggestions now !