Label adjacent polygon

Hello everyone!
I’m looking for some help to solve this :slight_smile:

What I have is some polygons or closed planar curves (always flat) and some texts that identify them.

What I try to achieve is:

  1. measure each edge that has a different adjacent polygon (at this point is done)
  2. Determine and label the adjacent polygon
  3. Pull apart each polygon and their information and create a table with it (measures and adjacent polygon label)

Attached: the definition and an image to explain the result I’m searching. (19.2 KB)
label_adjacent.3dm (66.5 KB)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Quite a peculiar task. Sorry I don’t have time to do the pull away part, but take a look at my script and I suppose you can use the move or orient component to get the texts and curves to be at desired places. (25.6 KB)

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Thanks for your help, Will. Now I’m workint to complete my definition. :smile: