Grasshopper is crashing

Hi everyone, I recently started to install opennest and something went terribly wrong. I now cannot open or run any script in grasshopper. When I try to launch grasshopper I get the attached error message followed by an immediate crash. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling rhino, closing all other programs and relaunching my computer… :cold_sweat: still none of the scripts are opening. Now, out of desperation I am updating my macOS software. Any suggestions? @DavidRutten

Thank you!


I’d suggest you close Rhino, then go to /Users/<YOURUSERNAME>/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/7.0/Plug-ins/Grasshopper (<SERIALNUMBER>)/Libraries and delete the OpenNest related files there (if there are any).
Then, go to /Users/<YOURUSERNAME>/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/packages/7.0/ and delete the OpenNest folder (if there is one).
Now, restart Rhino and Grasshopper and see if everything works.
Then, re-install OpenNest from the Rhino PackageManager. I have version 1.5.1 installed and it works fine!

Unfortunately that did not work plus the OpenNest software was not even in the application folder…

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I am almost certain that it had something to do with it, once I started installing OpenNest a warning window appeared asking if I trusted the download, once I agreed to continue with the install grasshopper would no longer launch.

You don’t need to run Grasshopper to access the PackageManager from the Rhino command line.

Don’t panic! You’re going too far. Remain calm, invoke ‘PackageManager’ from Rhino command line and uninstall OpenNest.

Your image shows two versions of OpenNest circled. You should install only the first one on that list, dated 2021-Jul-20.

If the PackageManager approach does not work you can use GrasshopperLoadOneByOne to load Grasshopper and skip the OpenNest plug-in. Take note of the locations and after loading Grasshopper remove the versions you have installed.