Grasshopper in Rhino6 error loading components

I am experiencing a problem with Grasshopper not loading properly in Rhino 6.

here are the errors grasshopper is detecting and as a result,my grasshopper window does not display nor recognize components of any sort.

if anybody had the same experience, and by any chance managed to sort it out, I would be grateful for any advice

Has the Scarab plug-in been obfuscated? If so, it may be that it was mangled in a particular way which was allowed by the older .NET framework used by Rhino5, but which is now disallowed in the newer framework loaded on Rhino6.

You can see whether there’s an update for Scarab available online. If you upload the GHA file here I can have a look to see whether that is the case.

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Thank you David!
Just updating scarab to is latest version sorted everything out.