Grasshopper in bridges?

Hi all ,

i am trying 3D model of curved bridges in grasshopper. Where i can find example or training videos specifically?
please help me.

thank you


You left out this one:

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Thanks Michael :slight_smile:
Also this one:

LoL, the trolls in action.

Even when I didn‘t wanted to reply to you anymore, you make it really hard for me.

4/4 links of my reply to the initial question are helpful. He will find there some tutorials and something to start with.

That Michael makes a joke with me, and I do one with him, should be ok :wink:

You make this forum a really unfriendly place.


That Michael makes a joke with me, and I do one with him, should be ok

A joke that does actually lead to 3 video tutorials about GH bridges on the first page of the search :smiley:
So I guess a useful little joke haha.

@adakepramod007 we are just having a little fun as these kind of questions would require us to do the same search you should do anyway. You know this old saying. Anyway a quick google search of something like Grasshopper3d bridges will lead you to these on the first page:

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:smiley: just tell the guy he has to try for himself

lol, I make it unfriendly. Why? Because I do not tolerate trolls?!
Don’t mock simple questions, even stupid ones.

thank you.

thank you .

thank you very much … i will start now.:smiley:

If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to ask. Upload your file and I will have a look :slight_smile:

thank you for support.