Exercises GH

Does anyone have basic grasshopper exercises to share from internet? Maybe some basic geometries to create/modelling, since I am rookie? Any good suggestions on Youtube (Nick Senske, and… some more)? Any old handouts from some course you have had praticipated in, etc etc? Thanks.

I have done mostly of the exercises on the thinkparametric and GH website (under “Intro to GH”). Now, I am searching for More, maybe some basic geometries to create/modelling? Other suggestions? Any pedagogic youtube channels (like Senske)?

I learned a lot trying to resolve others questions on old grasshopper forum and now on discourse.
Take some questions, don’t look at the answer and try to resolve them. It is surely a bit long but I am sure you learn more by doing and searching by yourself.
You can also begin a project of yours from A to Z. Very useful for the workflow.