Grasshopper help, architecture project thesis

Hello everyone! how are they? I need help, I have been trying for a long time but I do not know how it is done, I have these geometries which later I want to order vertically, skyscraper style, and that its facade will vary openings, such as windows, in the geometry with the largest surface with the largest opening and that later when the surfaces are getting smaller, the openings are getting smaller too,
Basically, the idea is that those spheres that you see there, change with the ones that I loaded in the model, positioning themselves according to the depth of the project, and that’s why I want to see how that can be done on the facade, where the spheres go and its openings Vary the project is deeper

if someone can help me I would really appreciate it, and if you speak Spanish better to be able to explain it better, greetings

PRUEBA 01.3dm (291.7 KB) PRUEBA (11.4 KB)

Perhaps you could try using a point attractor?

Something like this?

Doing this by height isn’t really that big of a deal! You can simply map the radius of the spheres to their z-value or something akin to this. However, what would be the rules for where the spheres appear let’s say at each level?