Grasshopper Gold

There is a download button for mac, but the description says “in developing”?

Sorry, I can’t help you on this topic, as you can see I can’t download it and I’m not on MacOs.
Give it a try!

v3.62 is 43.3mb zipped for me


Thanks so much for this plugin it’s really helping me as a newbie.
I have a question or could be an issue.

The plugin works perfect in the beginning of a project. However after a while and a few saves, some of the objects don’t appear on the screen and don’t get created.

Example: I have a gem and have been working around it to create a ring. I open the Prongs menu to create a setting, click “Select Object” and the prongs don’t come up. Clicking Create won’t produce a result.

This also happens with the cutters (orange color). No cutters appear on the screen even if I select the Gem.

Creating a new project makes it work, which I do to work around this. I create the stuff I need there then copy paste them to my own project. Saving my project and opening it again does not resolve the issue.

It could be a setting or something that I’ve done and failing to see. Please let me know how I can solve this. I really appreciate your work and any assistance.

@taraskydon I hope you’re safe! Slava Ukraini!


Hello, I hope you are well and staying safe.

I’m attempting to install your plugin for Rhino 7 but I’m getting errors in Grasshopper saying it cannot find Human UI or GG Bake, etc… I noticed in your install instructions you mentioned that if there is the no plugin error that we have to ensure our Rhino is installed in C:\… but what about those who have it installed on a separate drive, such as myself? Do we have no option/ability to use this plugin if we’ve installed our program somewhere else? Or is there another way that I can get this installed?

I’m very eager to try this plugin as it will definitely make things a lot easier, but have been having nothing but troubles trying to get it to work.

The toolbar loads fine, and that installed without much issue, just having trouble with Grasshopper.




I doubt Taras will respond right now. He’s only been available minimally due to living in Kyiv Ukraine. As to your question, if you’re following the instructions, then it should work with no issues. Yes, you have to put the " Grasshopper Gold " in the zip file on the C: drive since all the scripts he’s written is looking for the directories on the C: drive. If you’re trying to install elsewhere, the scripts have no idea where you put the directories if you’ve placed them elsewhere. You also have to have the Human UI installed which is another plugin for the scripts to work.

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Thank you for your reply KefMan. I understand the situation he’s unfortunately facing right now and wasn’t expecting an answer in a timely fashion.

I do have the GG folder in C: and I’ve been making progress slowly, I downloaded and installed Human UI and that cleared up a bunch of the missing errors, with only a few left to deal with which I’ll now be able to do since the plugins were provided I just didn’t know where to install them for grasshopper; the screenshot you provided will help me getting the remaining errors cleared up.

That being said, I was able to get the Kangaroo Pave feature to work despite these errors although it was rather slow but that’s most likely my system and nothing to do with the plugin itself.

Thanks again for the speedy response and helping point me in the correct direction.


It’s important as well that you’re running the current available version of Rhino 7 or Rhino 6. So make sure you have your Rhino up to date to alleviate potential issues as well.

Good Thoughts,


This happened to me too. How did you manage to fix it? Many thanks

Hello My friend, i can’t apply any material to the stone for rendering, how can i fix it T.T pls help
Thank you so much

Hi people,

I was about to install Grasshoppergold but got a red flag on VirusTotal for the file: “Grasshopper Gold Plagin 4.UI.1.9.0 Rhino 6.exe”.

Does anyone have InfoSec experience and can dispel my concerns.

best regards

I’m working on seperating the UI from the LOGIC…



Let me know if you want the gh file for this when I have it done for your review.