Grasshopper - ggETABS/ggSAP Unit Conversion


Is there a way to change the default units that are set in the GeomGymAnalysis Plugin? I would like to set concrete material properties based on the imperial system.

Thank you!

Hi Johnny,

For length units, the components adopt units from the active rhino document.
Some such as load components have an input to nominate the scale of user inputs.
Not all components permit this yet, but we can enable that for components such as materials.
Note that you can also call up catalog materials. Is it a bespoke attributes that you need to set?



Hey Jon,

Just to give you an example. The “ggSAPMaterialParamsConcrete” component only accepts inputs in MPa, kN/m^3, etc. I was wondering if it were possible to change the default units for this component and others similar. Or is this one of the components that does not have this feature at the moment?

I did notice that you could call up catalog materials using the “ggSAPMaterialLibrary” component. Is there a component that has the standard properties for concrete? I see that in the “ggSAPMaterialLibrary” component that there is an option called “Customary”. However, clicking on it does not seem to call upon any action. The window just closes upon clicking the icon.

As a side note, I did notice that the “ggSAPBakeModel” component has a units option. Let’s say you set up the model all using units such as meters and newtons but then set the units in this component to pounds and feet. Would everything be automatically converted?