Grasshopper File Won't Open-- Expired Components?

Hi all,

My grasshopper file doesn’t seem to be opening. When I close the window, a message appears that one of my components is expired. Any tips?


A2 (92.6 KB)

This is the notification that comes up after closing.

The reason you can’t get your file to open is that you are feeding 861 curves into the OpenNest component. If you waited long enough, your file would probably finish opening.

The error message you are seeing is just from you closing the file while it’s trying to get a solution.

I disabled the solver before opening your file, disabled the OpenNest component, then re-enabled the solver and your file had a solution after a few seconds.

If you flatten the List input to the Sub List component and re-enable the OpenNest component, your 24 curves nest fairly quickly.

If you find yourself repeatedly copying and re-using the same block of code like you are here there is probably a better way to accomplish your task by using DataTrees.

Here’s a good explanation of using DataTrees in grasshopper:

I’ve simplified your file and reduced the block of code shown above to this:

Also, since the curves you are nesting are all parallel to the world XY-Plane you don’t need to orient them before nesting so I eliminated this part of your code. I added code to number your curves by path (level) and index. I also set-up the OpenNest component to run in iterative mode, so after you open the file you will need to toggle the Run input to True to get it to start nesting.

A2 (92.1 KB)

Still plenty of room for improvement but I will leave that to you.



Kevin! You are truly a lifesaver—This was for a very pressing deadline and I thought I would have to start over. Thank you so very much for taking the time to not only answer my question but elaborate on many elements I was stumped by!