Grasshopper Document Graph

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I’m trying to see if I can access the grasshopper active document and extract/store the connectivity graph between a sequence of connected components, in such a way that I can store and save the construction history of a procedural model.

Any chance someone had similar problem or have any suggestion?

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Or you can do it on your own by going through all the input parameters and looking at their sources.

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Thanks Dani! Looks like is a great starting point.

@Federico_Borello are you the Fede I know?

Check this out as well IGH_Param Interface

You Will also need to recurse if you intend to deal with clusters. I believe you will also have to identify special components like number sliders, panels, etc and cast them to their respective type.

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Hey Nico!
yes I am :slight_smile:. I’ll look into it thanks, I’ll post some updates if the Rhino side progresses (currently working on the Maya side).
Take care!

Ok, cool. You might also want to consider doing a graph-like data structure to store all your data. Traditional tree data structures wont work, for example a binary tree. Consider looking in to implementing a Directed acyclic graph.

Grasshopper itself constructs DAGs, hence my original question about the possibility or not to access the topological informations of a definition, something that is doable with the Maya Hypergraph or CATIA.