Grasshopper definition Tag

is it possible to setup an Ifc Tag inside the Grasshopper definition File that overwrite the object Tag?
I want to use the element object to define many types of objects (heater, inspection hatches and so on but with the correct tag), without manual change after creation.

Many thanks, for every help.

Hi, is this what you mean? I’m not sure.

Grasshopper definition Tag.3dm (3.1 MB) Grasshopper definition (7.9 KB)

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Hi, many thanks for the quick response.

I want to create a Grasshopper definition

what i can use inside a Visualarq Element

with which I can change the IFC tag without baking the object out of grasshopper

I would like to use the Visualarq element for different types (heating, ventilation, etc.) and would not always have to change the IFC tag manually (after placing the model), but rather that it is controlled by the definition file. (especially since some IFC tags are still missing “ifcBoiler, ifcPump etc.”)

Hello, you can take every vaElement into Grasshopper, then filter them by style to assign an IFC tag to each one. This way you will assign automatically the IFC tag you desire. After that, you will need to bake them; you can do it in a different layer in order to replace the original one by the new one.

Elements (8.4 KB)

Hello, thanks a lot, I will look at that.
Is it possible to create custom ifc tags by this way too, I miss some in the standard list?.

Hello, for now you can assign a tag to an element, but not a costum ifcType.

Hi @bjornsmolarek which ifc types do you miss?
Take into account that you can create custom parameters, and assign values to any kind of geometry. These values will be saved as ifcProperties when you export the model to ifc.

Hello, I miss all ifcElectric…, ifcAlarm… and so on but I think it’s ifc4 Tags but I’m not sure.