Grasshopper definition output parameter values are different between Rhino Compute and Rhino Desktop

We have a Grasshopper template that takes in a bunch of input parameters and returns a bunch of output parameters. We are using Rhino Compute APIs to remotely solve this Grasshopper template. We have a problem: The values of output parameters are different compared to solving the Grasshopper template between Rhino Compute API and Rhino Desktop. All we see some warning or debugging messages at Rhino Compute and Rhino Desktop during the solve.

Are there any fundamental differences between How Rhino Compute processes the Grasshopper template and How Rhino Desktop processes the same Grasshopper template? If so, what are they? How can we easily identify the Grasshopper components that behave differently in two scenarios to help us troubleshoot the problem?

Rhino Version: 7.4.21078.1001
Rhino Compute:

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@will - can you help with this?

In general the Grasshopper graph will be solved in exactly the same way as it would when running interactively in Rhino, however there are a few differences in the environment.

  • There’s no Rhino model loaded, so anything that relies on the “active document” may behave differently, i.e. units and tolerances revert to defaults.
  • There’s no UI, so any component that relies on user interaction will not work in the context of Rhino Compute

During the solve any errors or warnings will be logged. You can use the UUID in the log to track down the component that caused those messages - use the Find (F3) feature in Grasshopper. Even if you aren’t getting any errors, warnings can still be a sign that data isn’t flowing properly.

Thanks, @will, and @dale

This information is helpful. Appreciate your support.