Grasshopper compute scheduled solution

Hi all,

We have some users testing our grasshopper tools on Compute.
We are trying to resolve an issue, and I believe that it’s to do with the fact that in
some of the scripts a multiple stage solution is triggered (ie one solution disables some components at the start, solves, enables and schedules a subsequent solution). We are considering to develop a new version of our tools without this but that’s a different topic.

In the compute code, there’s a method public static List EvaluateDefinition(string definition, IEnumerable trees)

I haven’t identified a way to check the grasshopper document property ScheduleDelay so that the solution might be executed again if it’s not negative. Is this possible?



We’ve been testing Jon’s Grasshopper plugin on Compute, and the same GH file with the same plugin produces an output that’s different in Compute vs. when running Rhino in GUI mode. Unfortunately, the output IFC file produced on Compute is unreadable for several IFC viewers that we tested, whereas there’s no such problem with the output IFC file produced in GUI mode.


Hey @qpo2t, we’re working with Jon to resolve this. See pull requests #133 and #137 for changes made so far to improve compatibility with ggIFC components. Can you update the version of Compute that you’re using and let us know if you’re still seeing different output when compared with Rhino?

Hi @will, the update still results in a different IFC file and moreover the structure in a BIM viewer appears different from what ggIFC normally generates in Rhino.

Do you notice anything specific in the differences between the files produced?

There are a number of differences, but I can’t tell if these are significant or if both IFC files are isomorphic. I can send these to @jonm to diagnose.

The problem here seems to be related to the fact that typically our plugin identifies the scale (length unit such as mm, metre, feet) of the model from the active rhino document. In compute, there is no rhino document, so I’ve implemented a change to embed length unit into the gh script to adopt if opened without an associated rhino document. I’ll provide this ASAP.