Grasshopper definition Gig Opportunity (nesting)

I want a grasshopper definition that takes parts and chops them into smaller parts and nests them, then intelligently moves the chopping lines to minimize the amount of nested material. Right now I have to do this by hand, and the amount of material that is saved doesn’t pay for my time if I have to do it more than once or twice. Does this start to approach AI as the definition will have to “learn” with each nesting cycle? There is plenty of options for nesting parts that are less than the size of the sheet. I have not been able to find any tools for nesting parts larger than one sheet. An example of a part with joints is below.

And why is this in the Jobs thread?

Nice dogbones BTW.

Because I am willing to pay someone to write a grasshopper definition that does what I am asking…

Oh, I had just seen you responding to the job posting earlier looking for someone with the experience to do that sort of nesting. Makes sense now.

You might find that RhinoNest would do what you want.

This would be more advanced than some commercial nesting programs I’ve seen, so if you get it done and it really works, sell it.

RhinoNest is great for nesting parts smaller than a sheet. It has no tools to divide large parts to smaller-than-sheet-sized parts.

This is a very difficult optimization problem.
Nesting itself is very difficult (for example, it’s not straightforward to get efficient solutions with RhinoNest). Nesting where you can change the sizes of the pieces is even more difficult.

Step 1 would be to automate the nesting in Grasshopper (probably with custom code).
Step 2 would be to use an optimization algorithm to move the cut lines.

I agreed. I never assumed it would be easy. And I understand the material that would be saved wouldn’t outweigh the cost to develop the optimization. And a large part of me hates that. Resources are being wasted because we can’t spend the money to save them. :frowning:

There’s more than one cabinet making software company that does optimization that goes beyond just nesting stuff on sheets. Mozaik, for example, in addition to nesting, will cut leftovers into optimally sized rectangles and then catalogue them for you and send stickers to print. Saves a lot of material if done at scale.