Grasshopper default color coding system

Hi @DavidRutten,

I was wondering if there is a particular reason why “Addition” component does not follow the Grasshopper component’s default coding system:

Neither A, nor B input parameters have default (internalized) values.
What is the reason for “Addition” being gray, when when dragged to the canvas. Shouldn’t it be orange, as per default Grasshopper color coding system?

Thank you for the reply.

Addition works on many data types; numbers (integers, floatingpoint and complex), points, vectors, colours. That is both why it has no default values (because not all additions between all types are defined) and why it isn’t hidden (if you put in points, those will preview).

Thank you @DavidRutten,

I am actually not concerned by “Addition” not being hidden nor why it doesn’t have default input values. But rather why does it not turn orange when dragged to the canvas as it does not have any functional contribution to the definition, due to no default inputs (for what ever reason)?
I am not looking for any sort of correction, I am just trying to understand the reason for this.

You’re right in spotting that Addition is not like other components. One reason is the aforementioned ‘type-agnosticism’ of the inputs, and the other reason is that Add allows you to insert more inputs (zoom in to see the (+) symbols). However I didn’t want a new empty input to disable the component, so all inputs are optional, meaning the component does not generate warnings when no data at all is supplied.

I could make it so that all inputs are optional but if they are all empty then a warning is added anyway. That would perhaps be more consistent.

I understand now.
Thank you for the clarification, once again.