Grasshopper curtain wall flat/curved panel option

hi all,
i can’t find in grasshopper the curtain wall flat/curved panel option.
someone can help me?
thank you , regards, roy

Hi Roy,
you are right. This option is missed.
We will try to get it fixed for the next revision.


Hi @lopez, I get back to this old post to mention that VisualARQ 2 includes the option to set the flat/curved panel for new curtain wall styles in Grasshopper:

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hi Francisco,
thanks for your message.
Now I moved all my works to mac osx (happy man about this), so i’m asking you if you’re planning to create a visualarq version for mac also and how long we must wait for this?

Hi @lopez, we are interested to develop a VisualARQ version for MAC but I don’t know when we will work on that or when it will be ready.