Grasshopper controlling tolerances


Is there a way to control the tolerance for components.
Say I want to join a set of curves with a tolerance different than the document tolerance.
Is that possible without resorting to writing my own components?


Hi Willem,

It’s the best if David answers this question, but until that happens:
I do not think you can do that. Grasshopper gets its tolerances from Rhino document’s tolerances (Options->Units->Absolute tolerances).
So you have to call the Rhino.Geometry.Curve.JoinCurves if you would like to set some custom tolerance value.

Hi Djordje,

Thanks, I was afraid so.
Coming from scripting it’s easy to take these freedoms for granted.
I worked around it already.


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you can always scale your geometry by the ratio of the desired tolerance to the document tolerance, perform your operation, and scale it back…


This worked for me. Scaled curves in GH, joined, then scaled back. Thanks

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Wow, that workaround works for me as well, so thanks, @andheum. I had issues with both “Trim with Region” and “Point in Curve” components just avoiding little pieces shorter than 0.01mm.
It seems that tolerance is really Grasshopper’s workflow bottleneck. It costed me 1 hour debugging.