Multiple Curve Intersection Component Tolerance

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As the title mentions, I have found that when using the multiple curve intersection component there seems to be some kind of intersection tolerance build within the component script.

See the attached definition where I have some sample lines where the default size finds 3 intersection points but the scaled version (x1000 factor) only finds two which would be the correct output from visual inspection.

Now I got around this issue by scaling my model from meters to millimeters but I would like to understand what is this tolerance value and if there are any options to edit it in the case I am dealing with small details. I believe it is against the terms of service to dive into the components code and modify things there.

Multiple Curves Intersect (7.8 KB)



Actually, what is discussed here provides a possible solution of controling tolerance in grasshopper.
Since grasshopper takes its tolerance value directly from Rhino (from David’s reply), we can scale in grasshopper before multiple curve intersection, then scale it back to continue your workflow.

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Thank you Wangyiqi15 for responding to this after all this time, that is a great insight, I will take it into account in the future.