Grasshopper caching gha?

I’m experiencing some weird behavior from grasshopper and my loaded library.
It’s like grasshopper has started to cache and save the gha’s in some place not visible to me and not updating.

Basically the edits I do in visual studio doesn’t sync to grasshopper making it impossible to debug.
If I comment out a component in the code, the component is still available in the component palette.
When checking the gha/dll the build seems to be correct and the component class is not present in the file.

If I do the opposite and add a new component or do edits to a already existing component the new stuff is also not added.

What can be wrong?
/ Jakob

Nothing is wrong. The components are loaded when Grasshopper is opened. You can’t include them or remove them in another context. The changes you can make in debugging are to change the methods bodies or include classes, but a GH_Component won’t load bc VS doesn’t have the GH loading mechanism used when opening GH.