Missing 3rd party DLL in custom GH plugin

I wrote a custom Grasshopper plugin in VS2015, and referenced some 3rd party DLLs. This plugin works fine during debugging and release builds on my own computer, but complains that WebSocketSharp dll is missing when I try to use this on another computer. I have tried copying all the DLLs with GHA to other computers but without luck. How do I fix this ?
I found this thread. I do not want to tell all my users to manually change COFF loading settings. The thread is not conclusive about the assembly merging. I don’t understand how to apply the ILMerge instructions to my plugin. Can anyone please provide a Grasshopper specific solution ?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Some extra questions:

  1. are the gha & websocketsharp.dlls next to each other?
  2. after copying, did you unblock the dlls?
  3. any dll conflicts? ie, is websocketsharp present in a different plugin (i know speckle needs it)?

(2) might prevent the loading, (3) causes massive headaches generally…