Grasshopper breakpoint


I’ve created a couple of components in C# and I keep getting this breakpoint,

I’ve checked all of the inputs types and they seem to be matching. I have used classes as the outputs so i am using
Grasshopper.Kernel.Types.GH_ObjectWrapper forces = new Grasshopper.Kernel.Types.GH_ObjectWrapper();
to read them.

Have any idea what sort of thing I should look out for?


Hi Mitch,

as I know, this error is means that the data you send to RegistreOutputParams method does not match with the expected data type. Check pManager.Add… with the variable you send to this method. I do it usually via DA.SetData method.

Please post your component code and I will check it as well.


Hi Ondřej,

Thanks for this, I managed to find out the problem, it was due to the SetData outputs not matching the pManager. Here’s me trying to look at the inputs all this time :slight_smile: