Grasshopper `BoxMorph` breaks how Mesh is rendered

I have a unit tile I’d like to morph onto a surface. One modeled as Brep and the other Mesh, identical in shape to the Brep

Unit individually renders (the grasshopper render preview) the same, as seen in the first few seconds of the video. But the Brep morphs much nicer to the surface than the Mesh. Did BoxMorph breaks something in the Mesh?

I’d like to use Mesh because it is morphed much faster than a Brep. I appreciate your input! (22.7 KB)

Hey @Will_Wang,

Before passing the output of Morph to Preview, send the geometry through a C# component that does this:

  private void RunScript(GeometryBase G, ref object A)
    var mesh = G as Mesh;
    if (null != mesh)
    A = G;

Does this help?

– Dale

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Sure does.
That was fast. Is this a known issue? Could this be patched up?