Grasshopper becomes uncontrollable when I use export stl component


I tried to implement STL export component, and it works by referring to this topic(Export stl files with C# component in GH).
But after export STL, I cannot control grasshopper except scaling with a wheel.
This uncontrollable situation occurs sometimes beside this component too.

How can this be solved?


I think you need to provide more specific info (full code as implemented, what do you do when, version) in order to reproduce this. At least to me this has never happened.

Thanks for your reply.

Here is code .(

Export Brep to stl, and read stl paths.
I didn’t change your code.

Grasshopper Ver 1.0.0007
Rhino Ver 6.10

Can this be related to the boolean button bug?

To quickly check if this is the case, replace the button with a toggle, and then try again.

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Oh thanks! I solved the problem by replacing the button.