Grasshopper : c# component output control


I try to control propagation of a c# component outputs.

Is there a way to tell Grasshopper to not propagate outputs even if inputs have changed ?

I messed a lot with Clear, ClearData, Phase, AfterRunScript… No luck. Even with no data, outputs trigger downstream components.

The only workaround I have is to change the value of another component B which is not attached to the main component A.

Maybe it is not feasable with a c# script. In that case, could you point me to the right direction ?



There seems to be a (rather complex) way but I don’t think it’s doable in a C# script component. It would require to build a plugin with a custom component.

See this if it helps.

Interestingly, I just published a tutorial about this today! :slight_smile:


I think Jose Luis has nailed it event if not doable in a c# script as you mentioned.


Nice tutorial.
It is exactly that kind of info which is hard to find with Rhino.
A bit disappointing ExpireDownStreamObjects it is not accessible in a c# script.

Keep the good work !