Grasshopper Automatic Naming

Hello Everyone,

I’m a newbie in Grasshopper modeling and am trying to automate the naming of surfaces for my project, which is composed of thousands of parts, to assemble it properly. I’ve assembled some solutions I found on this forum, and it’s partially working, but I can’t make it work entirely as intended. I’ve attached a schema of what I’m trying to achieve:

Here is my Grasshopper file. The problem is that every shape contains the name of all shapes i select and i don’t know how to place text of common edges like in the schema attached. Could you help me figure out how to do this? I’ve tried to find a similar question here but haven’t found anything quite like it.

Thanks in advance,
Mattia (23.6 KB)

Not internalized.

Sorry, I forgot to internalize the data. After internalizing, the Elefront node failed to collect data. Now, I’ve managed to get the auto-naming part of the workflow functioning, and I’m focusing on the initial problem, which is placing a text label with the name of each curve. Each curve has a unique name. However, when I use the workflow, it places all the names in all the squares, not just the corresponding ones.

Naming v2.3dm (2.8 MB) (27.9 KB)

Looks like you’ve got a mismatch in your tree - you’ve got a flat list going into the Text Component, the input “T”, and a grafted list going into “P”.