Auto labelling of parts with Part Name

Another question which shows my ignorance rather than its difficulty…

I’m trying to use Grasshopper to automatically take Part names from selected objects and write them as text placed at the centre of the largest face of the object. Here is the picture of what I’ve done.

It manages to put text in the correct location (and orientated correctly) but the problem is that it writes every part name of the selection (which could be 10-20 names) into the centre point of each object (thus making it a bit of a mess). I’m guessing I’m doing something basic wrong, but would appreciated knowing what!

Many thanks


If I understand correctly what you are asking about, you should right-click on the T input of the 3D Tag and pick Graft. That will put branches into your single list with object names.

I’m wondering how you got a Base Plane (B) input from that Area (A) output, though. Doesn’t that output just give you numbers (the area) whereas Plane Origin requires planes as input?

Thanks very much. That fixed it. The drawing as I copied it was misleading as one of the wires went through the Area component. This is what it should have looked like:-

Sorry for the confusion. I must have messed something else up with this one as it doesn’t work now, but luckily I had a copy of the original and the Graft change works fine.

Many thanks again


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