Grasshopper - ArchiCAD live connection Evaluation - not possible at the moment?

I have just registered for an evaluation licence.
With the evaluation licence I can only download the Rhino version 7, and the ArchiCAD live connection only supports up to version 6.

Is there a way, to try the connection without buying a commercial Rhino 6 licence?
Probably there is going to be a new version of the live connection soon, but my evaluation will expire, and hopefully COVID will be gone soon, and I won’t be as enthusiastic as I am now to spend my free time before my computers learning stuff.

I am working as an architect, and would love to learn about parametric design, and maybe get the leaders of the company to buy Rhino - but they definitely won’t do that if I can’t use the software.

Thanks you,
Szamosi Máté

Hi -

We have been told that people are using the Archicad Direct connection with Rhino 7 release and Archicad 24. Have you tried that and are running into issues?

Hello Wim,
Thank You for the fast answer.

I have downloaded the the latest addon but when I try to install it I get the following error:

The download page on the Graphisoft page says the following:

  • The v23 & v24 of Grasshopper – Archicad Live Connection supports Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 on both platforms (Win & macOS).

So I assumed it isn’t supposed to work.

Szamosi Máté

Hi Szamosi -

It sounds like Archicad 24 might need to be reinstalled after installing the Live Connection:


Thank you for confirming that it is possible to get it to work.

Indeed the connection seams to be working between ArchiCAD 24 and Rhino 7.0 - but the install process is far from smooth. Here is what I did, if anyone has the same problem:

  1. download, and install Rhino 6. It only asks for licence for starting the software - which you don’t need
  2. install the ArchiCAD connection. It will work this time.
  3. the installer puts a ArchiCADConnection.gha file to rhino6/plug-ins/grashopper. Copy it to rhino 7.
  4. the .gha will not load at this point, as it needs Newtonsoft.Json.dll to run. It is renamed as Newtonsoft.Json.Rhino.dll in rhino 7. I copied the one from the rhino 6/system to Rhino 7/system. Seams to be working
  5. at this point ArchiCAD stopped working. I needed to reinstall it
  6. after the reinstall, is seams to be working fine (well at least on the surface)

Szamosi Máté


Thank you for the detailed information here. It looks like we will need to get some Graphisoft help here.

I would also post this information on this forum: to get some eyes on the problem.

I can also contact a few people related to the product that I know that may be able to help.