Setting a Brep


I’m trying to assign a brep to some geometry in rhino, but I can’t seem to figure it out. When I click ‘Set One Brep’ or ‘Set Multiple Breps’ in Grasshopper, a message in the command bar pops up saying ‘Brep to reference (Mode=Reference):’. Am I supposed to type something in there?

No, just click your brep in rhino using your mouse…(and Enter=RMB)

It doesn’t let me click in rhino after choosing set one brep

wait, nevermind. I was trying to set rectangles as breps and it wasn’t working, but it works for boxes

Rectangles are not Breps.

Hey, I am facing the same problem. Please could you tell me the solutions?

Brep (boundary representation) = solids, surfaces or polysurfaces

Rectangles = curves or rectangles.

Make sure you are setting object with the appropriate type of geometry.