Graphic card

Tell me which graphics card is the best value for Rhino

Based on so little info I would say:
Probably the gtx 1660

But if you provide some info on your use, budget, future plans etc then we can help further.

Get the best GeForce you can afford.

Hello, I am trying to get a Geforce MX150 and I think it could be a little bit to small, which functionalities will be the more limited ones? Will it be to slow to work with? I use to operate “reduce mesh” , “flow along surface”, some rendering to display the piece…

Rhino doesn’t “use” the video card for anything but the realtime display and Cycles rendering.

If you Google it, you can see the MX150 the mobile version of the GT 1030, which I forgot existed and came out in 2017. It’s probably still better than any Intel Integrated Video, which people use for Rhino every day, so…meh? I wouldn’t spend very much on it.

Thanks for your answer Jim, then you would buy that MX150? I am not sure about that because you have told before “the best GeForce you can afford”… then… which differences I will notice to jump to a GTX1050 for instance?

Very roughly I would say 50->90% faster screen update. (almost double the FPS)
nVidias xx30 cards are low power but future “rich” GPU’s. (So if you just need a new feature, but not much power for little money then it’s the thing for you (Like support for OpenGLx.x or something like just support for CUDA etc)
So as a rule of thumb you can think of it like this:
The xx50 is about 50-100% faster than the xx30, but still considered an entry card.
The xx60 is about 50% faster than the xx50 and
The xx70 is about 30-50% faster than the xx60 and
The xx80 is about 30% faster than the xx70 and
then you have the TI versions that are almost as fast as the version above with out the TI.

And then you also have increasing RAM amounts and of course increasing CUDA cores as you go higher in the series.

Here is a good site to compare cards:

i have one of the best rtx card of the market and i get low improvements compared with a 1070 specially with render and mesh wires display mode.