Graph mapper problem

Is it possible to use graph mappers as inputs for octopus to optimize a model?

Don’t think so. but you could create your own graphmapper. for example creating sine curve with variabales and than divide and use the z coordiante as Output.

Hi Tim,
Any suggestions on how I could replace my graph mappers with attractor points for remapping values
because at the moment they give relatively random outputs and the overall shape of the “tower” is not driven by direct correlations between geometry and parameters

Many thanks in advance! Below is the gh file

I’ve started a bit here (424.4 KB)

As mentioned before, replace graphmapper with “curves”.

These curves represent your graph. The genepools can be used for Galapagos. The Remap in the end can be modified by yourself or also used for optimization. (Would recommend doing it by hand) It’s like “weights”. Whats more important etc.

Best regards,
Tim (443.5 KB)

I see, we got this exercise to do with only octopus.
Is it a good idea to:
do it in two go’s, first only the gene pools plugged to octopus from above and second would be the remap result and the sunlight plus floor plate are plugged to octopus/

Äh yeah, meant octopus. But what will be your Goal for the first step? I think you Need to do it in one step.

Ah okej, I will do it all in one go, have not used octopus before thats why I was not too sure if it could handle all the options.

So I am trying to follow these 3 criterias, but not sure how to do the 3d one, do you have any suggestions?

  1. Maximise the number of apartments without exceeding the height of the surrounding towers and remaining within the original footprint of x building.

  2. Minimize the amount of shadow cast on surrounding buildings and the park but maximize the sun exposure on the tower.

  3. Create the best possible curvature from the spine of the building to allow for xxx (918.8 KB)

I think so far I have successfully done number 1 and 2 but the third one I am not sure if its good enough and in that case would that be connecting the the octopus objectives to the remaps?

Ok, to clearify what you have, what you Need and what your Goals are.

  1. Max floor area - exists
  2. Without exceeding surrounding - doesn’t exists. You can let octopus optimize height, and I would edit the slider to fit your max.
  3. Remaining within the original footprint - doesn’t exists. I also see nowhere surrounding conditions, This would be for me, adjusting the sliders/genepools. What’s your min, max range etc. I would do this by hand.
  4. Minimize casting shadow - exists
  5. Maximize the sun exposure - exists

Creating the best possible curvature is no “criteria” This will be the Output if everything went right.

Give the sliders/genepools your boundarys. Ofc, you can let octopus try to find the best height in a slider from 0<1000, but If you know, the Tower Needs to be 90<120m, you can Limit octopus to get faster result.

You are always speaking from surroundings. If you don’t got them in grasshopper, as mentioned above, choose the slider conditions realisticly. (924.9 KB)

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Thanks alot!