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Hello I’m looking for something of the genre in the grassopher.
Can someone help me with how to create something of the genre?

tHANK YOU guys!

of the genre? why in grasshopper? Do you just need the effect or something iterative?

can’t photoshop do this super easy via puppet warp and blurring (I assume) ?

maybe check these threads

you could also ‘paint’ this on a mesh and mess its vertices to mess up the text

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the goal is to create drag with the connection of the lettring points with the points of the upload image.

nice! you could also attempt using wind in kangaroo 2 (32.7 KB)

here’s a start:

You could also just import an image, map it to the mesh and that would make it faster …for now I threw some sample text curves…script housekeeping on you :stuck_out_tongue:


[edit] oh if some point isn’t projected for the text then move the point (that moves the text) downward