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Does anyone know how to achieve this effect in Vray?

I’m pretty sure this covers it.

Thanks Jason, I agree, transparency mapping is the way to go.

Thank you for the link but it refers to an earlier version of vray and I dont know how to apply that to the “new” VRayBRDF materials.

What I am trying to achieve is a lightbulb with silveroxide coating…

If there is a good samaritan outthere who has defined a material that has a gradiant from metallic to glass and can provide it here I would be a very happy puppy.

You can do it by creating your own standard vray material or by adding a second diffuse layer to a BRDF.

I have no problems getting a gradient from glass to color but to make it glass to metallic… I am still drawing a blank.

Structure being:
-top layer diffuse with a gradient and “Use the…as transparancy” box ticked
-base layer VRayBRDF glass

Have you tried and succeeded before?

I’m confused by what you mean by glass to metallic. Do you want to add some metal flake to the glass?

Sorry for the confusion. What I want (refering to the manual you provided, example 4) is to exchange the pink/red color to a reflective (chrome) “color”.

I would build this with a custom standard vray material. The BRDF materials are a total pain. Start with 2 diffuse layers and add reflection and refraction layers as per the manual.

As for metallic materials they are generally just grades of black and white. So just replace the pink and yellow diffuse colors with light and dark greys.

Thanks for the advice. I will fiddle about and see if I can apply it properly.

Well I give up. I thought this would be an easy and interesting challenge. After an embarrassing amount time spent fiddling with settings. This is the best I could come up with. I think you should hit up the chaos group forum and get some real experts to weigh in.

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I think I got it…

test gradient mat.3dm (2.2 MB)
The map used:

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while we are here - can someone ask the folks at chaos group:
1: where the hell is vray 3.0 for rhino
2: can someone put a ramp map into the textures selections…

We are actively developing V Ray For Rhino 3.0, and have a few updates on the Chaosgroup forum.

Could you please provide more information? I will add this to the requested feature backlog.

Awesome! - its hard to watch vray on other formats grow and expand rapidly but seemingly rhino is left until last…(I understand why, its just annoying)

I know its not a feature of vray in 3ds (its just a standard 3ds texture) but you can quickly add a ramp texture to create gradients - usually used for transparency maps - as is the case above^. It would be awesome if this was added as a TexType in vray for rhino!

thanks for the quick response!

also where are the updates?

can we expect a public beta?

That is an almost perfect result Marc! Thanx.
I will fiddle some more when time permits :slight_smile:

Here’s the packed scene

test gradient (1.8 MB)

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Thanx Marc!

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