Gradient doesn't color list of points as expected

Hello everyone!

The task I am trying to achieve is apply gradient to curtain walls panels in Revit.


<Importing Panels in Grasshopper
<Getting a set Base points for each of the panels (at this point I have flattened and then grafted my data structure so I have 21 branches with 1 item in each)
<By using Split tree I created I called one first branch and moved it in Z direction.
<Getting a distance between full list of points and the one moving in Z direction
<Using the list of distances to put through bounds and then put it in the gradient lower limit and upper limit.

My list of distances looks correct going from the lowest to the highest. However when I am looking at the list of colors coming out from the gradient they don’t respond with the same logic. If you look at the screenshot set of points in the first panel are not coloring gradually. First two points are lighter than the ones following.

I have attached revit and grasshopper files to wetransfer link:

Thanks so much for any help in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Alina,

Here’s a solution that maintains the tree branches to the panels. (11.1 KB)

Hi Japhy,

Thank you so much for your help, this is great!
I didn’t know you can get away without lower and upper limit inputs.