Gradient background not visible in detail viewport


anyone else having issues with a gradient background not showing up in a detail viewport? the display mode i’m using within the viewport is set to have a gradient background, which shows up correctly in model space but disappears and turns to white in the detail viewport. interestingly, when i double click in the detail viewport, the gradient background appears, but when i exit the viewport it disappears again. display mode .ini attached.

Rendered_Outline.ini (12.1 KB)

Duplicated in V6:

Hello - I see this here as well. I’ll add it to the pile, thanks.



I’m wrong.
The background color works for printing, but you have to turn it on.
It’s in the Print control under Visibility:

The background goes away by design to indicate the Detail is inactive.
All viewports on the Model side are always active.

Artistic, Pen etc. all act the same way.

wow, thanks!

@pascal @stevebaer
If a layout view, with PrintDisplay on, is intended as a preview of the printed condition then I would make the argument that this is not a ‘feature.’

You have multiple clues as to what the ‘active’ detail is without having to misrepresent it in the Layout.

Clue #1: Increased thickness of detail window outline.
Clue #2: If detail has a name, the upper left of the viewport is changed to reflect the currently active one.

from Rhino 7 help:
‘A layout viewport represents the sheet of paper that will be sent to a printer or a file such as PDF. Layouts can include various views of the model and annotations like title blocks and notes.’

Anecdotal evidence:
I have had multiple users (myself included!) struggle with why the gradient was not visible. So if this is a feature, there are some UI/UX problems embedded in it.

Why am I posting?

  1. Accurate approximation of printed result without jumping back and forth between print preview.
  2. Wasted user time troubleshooting a ‘feature’.
  3. We often like using rhino models live during internal design reviews. This means zooming between saved model views, but sometimes it is nice to jump to a layout to ground a conversation with multiple related (and curated) views without switching to the generated image/pdf. Keeps a good flow.

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