Gpu rendering in cycles rhino mac

I can’t see my 1080ti installed on my mac pro under the CUDA of Cycles . So i can use only CPU (so slow) rendering inside Cycles. If i reboot in windows 10 i can sse the 1080ti and working fine inside rhino/Cyles.
How could i see the 1808ti CUDA inside Rhino Mac?

You cant. The OS doesn’t support nvidia’s drivers for anything past the 9xxx series. 970’s 980’s are fine but nothing past. And if you upgrade past 10.13 you’ll lose that too.

hi lewn,
but i have 10.13 and an 980 original mac edition too, and i don’t see it in the cuda cycles setting!

On OSX I have not enabled CUDA support, because I have no way to test it. We have been unable to get CUDA drivers installed on the one Mac we have that contains an Nvidia GPU.

FWIW, High Sierra extended support by Apple ends in 4 months (see “support status” on