Rhino mac cycles graphic card

hi all.
i’m testing rhino mac cycles. I have a nvidia ge force 1080 ti on my mac pro but I can’t choose it as cycles render engine (it doesn’t appear in the item list). Any suggestion? if I use it in windows (installed on the same mac pro via Bootcamp) all in works good.
Someone know if with the new mac pro cycles in rhino mac it works good?

Hi Roy,

As far as I know Nvidia GPUs are no longer officially supported in macOS. Since you are using it in your Mac Pro, have you installed unofficial web drivers?

Hi P1,
thanks for your reply.
yes i have a mac pro with installed a ge force 1080ti and web drivers of course. but it work perfectly with other sofware in osx ambient (octane render for instance). in rhino mac i can’t see the graphic card as choosing option. maybe too much “personalisation” on my mac pro to be understood from rhino mac… :slight_smile: