Catalina & Nvidia GPU Support

Hello Forum, I run a 2014 MBP with an Nvidia GeForce GT 750M. It has been without cuda driver support for the last few years (absolute rubbish that this ever happened, shame on Apple & Nvidia). Question is has anyone updated to Catalina and found that their GPU’s are now fully working with up to date supported drivers ?

Nvidia and Apple are acting as if they went through a bitter divorce with no option for shared custody.

My tip. Stay on High Sierra if you could.

yeh its not been good, soooo many users just left without something they paid for in good faith. No going back to High Sierra for me, nor should i have too. I just wanted the internal Nividia GPU I paid for to work as it should.

FWIW I have not been able to even test CUDA support in Raytraced precisely because we have an MBP with Nvidia GPU, but no way to enable. Therefor on MacOS in Rhino Raytraced there is no CUDA support at all. And if it shows up for some unkown reason it won’t work.