GPU Memory and Multiple Monitors

I’m almost certain I was reading a thread on here a few weeks ago about the amount of GPU memory Rhino 6 should have at its disposal when driving multiple monitors. However, I’ve tried several search terms and can’t find it. Did @John_Brock contribute?

I’m looking at adding a 4th monitor to my set-up. None are 4k, but one of them is a 30" ‘standard’ resolution, so the total pixel count is still quite high. For Rhino 6, is there a rule of thumb relationship between the number of megapixels of screen real estate and the amount of video memory needed, or are the two relatively unconnected, with other more important factors to bear in mind?

1 4K monitor is equivalent to 4 1080p displays, and most modern cards can drive multiple 4K displays, so the short answer is it’s not a huge concern.

For good performance in V6, you want 4 GB VRAM per standard resolution monitor. So for you 16 GB VRAM.

For high resolution monitors (4k - 5k), you want 8 GB VRAM per monitor.

I’m running two 27" monitors at 2550x1440 with 8 GB VRAM.

These recommendations came from Jeff LaSor


So that equates to 8 GB for 7.344 megapixels, or roughly 1GB per MP?