Hello, anyone know if there Gotocenter in Rhino 5 for Mac?
Thank you

Never heard of it - maybe you can describe exactly what “Gotocenter” is/does? --Mitch

There is a plugin called RhinoGold and is selected to bring the center axis of the object or 0.0.0

So you want to move an object’s center to 0,0,0? That can be done with a small script and an alias. Is that what you are after?


Yes. that’s what you want to do. it would be like that little script? Thank you

OK, below is a Python script that will do that. There is the option between moving to World or active CPlane zero - in order to activate that option, start the command before selecting the objects. The choice is saved within the same session.

Here’s how to install the script in Mac Rhino:

  1. Download the script file and move it to the following folder:

    ~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/Scripts

    This is a hidden folder, to navigate to it, press and hold the Alt key and pull down the “Go” menu, you will see “Library” - navigate to the Scripts folder along the above path from there. For ease of use the next time, make a shortcut to the scripts folder on your desktop.

  2. In Preferences>Aliases, create a new alias - call it anything you want, like “GoToCenter” - and in the right-hand path box next to the alias, copy and paste the following:

    ! _-RunPythonScript "MoveObjCtrToOrigin"

That’s it, whenever you type GoToCenter, the script will run. You should see it autocomplete even after typing just “Go…”

Let me know how it works. --Mitch (1.6 KB)

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It works really well. You have been very kind. Thank you

good evening. It would be possible to bring everything to the center but block or grouped? thanks for your help again