Wish - Center Obect(s)

A year ago Pascal sent me a macro that centered a selected object or group of objects on 0,0,0. I t wasn’t perfect, but it was extremely useful. Made a button and assigned it to the macro. I use it multiple times when I use Rhino. Pretty simple macro and I would like to propose adding it or something like it to V6.

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Hi stmoen - remind me what that was again,please?




CenterOnOrigin.rvb (1.6 KB)
Here you go… Nice little script. I use it all the time. It would be nice if there was an option to place the bottom of the object at z=0 rather than the center of the object at z=0.

Yeah… there is in one version of this, I’m pretty sure - I’ll take a look…

@stmoen - here’s a python script in case you want to play, and the same compiled as a plug-in to allow this to be used as a command: CenterOnOrigin Drag and drop to load the plug-in - you might want to remove the alias that the previous script installed so as to avoid a collision.

CenterOnOrigin.rhp (10.5 KB)
CenterOnOrigin.py (2.8 KB)


Thanks! I will give a try…