Google earth location of a rhino building

How can I extract location from google earth into rhino, for a building site model?

another way if you want a larger area would be to use terrainparty
you get a set of images which you can use as a Heightfield in Rhino.

Hi Richard

Thank you very very much for the video. It is GREAT for topography.
But I need to import to Rhino a flat Urban area.
Actually I need the surrounding buildings to appear.
Can you plaese help me with this?

As for terrainparty, I have tried, I don’t understand how to use it…

Thanks a lot

there may be a way with 3d ripper dx but it seems to work with 3ds max as a between step. maybe that helps you. there are also a bunch of software packages which can produce 3d geometry plus texture through analyzing your screenshots and pictures maybe you can get that going. dont have any experience with that sorry.

terrainparty works only for terrain so no buildings included. not the right thing for you in that case. but if you want to try it just pick an area you can enter the name of the place you look for and click the cloud button on the right with the arrow, choose a name and it downloads a zip file to your folder. it contains black and white images. in rhino enter heightfield and link one of those images into it, it will create a surface.

Hi Rachel,

You can also try the Grasshopper’s plugin Gismo. It’s free, and once Gismo is installed it can automatically generate the 3d buildings, trees and terrain for the picked location and radius. No manual importing/exporting is performed.


hey that sounds promising!

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Thank you both !!
Is there some video tutorial for how to use Gismo ?

Hi @rachelre,

Install the Gismo from these instructions.
After that just open this example file and change the location and radius inputs to correspond to your needs:

Then set the red colored Boolean Toggle switches to “True” (by double clicking on them) in order to run the example file:

I will try it.
Thank you very much !!

hi @djordje

Is there any video or other tutorial of how to use the Gismo?


Hi @rachelre,

There are no video tutorials, but I doubt you will need them.
There are example files:

You just download any of them, and change their location, and then set all the Boolean Toggles which are outlined with red color, to “True”. That’s all.


I have tried Gismo, unfortunately no succeed :disappointed_relieved:

I will appreciate if you could please put a short video for demonstrate it.


Hi Rachel,

Which Gismo .gh file did you open? Can you attach it please?
Can you post a screenshot of the warning message that you get?

It’s always better to post this kind of questions directly in Gismo forum.
In here, I might miss them, unless you tag my username (@djordje).


But I have downloaded Ghpython 2 …

No arrows in the Grasshoper file…

Hi @rachelre,
Your GHPython plugin has not been installed properly.
When you downloaded the latest ghpython2.gha file from food4rhino, try right clicking on it, and checking if it has been blocked. If it was there would be an “Unblock” button. Click on it, and then click on “OK” button. If there is no “Unblock” button then everything is fine.
After this you need to put your ghpython2.gha file into your Grasshopper’s: File->Special Folders->Components Folder. Then close the Grasshoper and Rhino.
Run them again, and load the .gh file again.

I have succeeded to load everything :slight_smile:

Now there is the following problem: red component

Hi Rachel,

The error you get is a result of a current inability of the component to download the elevation data in order to create the terrain geometry. This happens due to many reasons, one of them being the fact that basically we get the elevation data for free, so it can not be expected that we access this data each time we want to. This is why sometimes the request to download the elevation data can not be fulfilled.
Luckily, the solution is quite simple: you set the component’s _runIt input to False, wait for a second or two, and then set the _runIt input again to True. In 99% of the cases the component will work again.

First of all @djordje - Gismo is a wonderful GREAT Plug-in !!!
And your help is very very quick, useful, and professional !!!


Yet it is a little complicated, and yet I have many questions and problems,
I would suggest to have some video tutorials,
I think it would have been very useful for anyone who wants to try and use it…

Anyhow I suggest anybody to try Gismo. It is really WOWWWWW !!!

Thank you very much


Hello @djordje,

I was trying to install Gismo and everything seems to be installed correctly. but the MapWinGis.

It seems like its installation folder path is not supplied to the mapFolder input.

I installed MapWinGis I dont know how to supply it to the mapFolder input.

Really appreciate your help