Google Earth Surface Data

I would like to import the Google Earth surface data into Rhino3D but can not seem to find a way to do it. The Sketchup pathway only gives me general surface data and does not include the 3D building shapes that GE generates. GE now generates images showing 3D trees, buildings, etc for most metropolitan areas. Mine being the SF Bay area.

Can anyone help me with a way to get pull the 3D surface files out of GE?


Lands Design should import Google Earth elevation data. You could give the WIP a try. I haven’t tried it myself…

I found a way to get Google Earth 3D trees, topography and buildings including the surface images.

  1. Download 123DCatch from Autodesk. This is a free image to 3d file creator.

  2. Using Camtasia or Snagit or any other snapshot program, take 20 to 30 angled images of the Good Earth 3D view and upload them to 123DCatch.

  3. You will get back a 3D file for Sketchup.

  4. Export that to another format and you are in business.

The 3D file you get is a little rough but it can be good enough depending on what one needs to do with it.


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