Good general approach for making symmetrical 'scroll' based designs?

Hi Folks, happy new year.
I’m trying to parametrically create a design like those embedded in the shapes in this image.

I’ve taken a few shots at this without finding a robust general approach. What I want is to parametrically create these kinds of scrolly designs that fill an arbitrary shape (like the shapes here).

My starting point is to look for symmetry lines and focus on a single fundamental region that gets reflected across the symmetry lines, but the problem here is that the designs are subtly unsymmetrical with one side being slightly larger in some cases. I’m also not sure of the best approach for creating these curving lings in a way that fills the irregular shape well. Ideally there would be some existing library that got me most of the way, but open to anything.

Would appreciate suggestions,

You could take a look at the parakeet plugin.