Go back to previous data structure after "flip last"?

Hi everyone,

I have a certain data structure of points which I flip in order to create traversal lines. To achieve this I am using the “flip last” component from @andheum who in this thread kindly replicated the component with native components which I then clustered.

Once I create the traversal lines, I rotate some of them, and finally want to go back to the data structure of points previous to flipping. For some reason, performing the same operations does not seem to work.

flip.gh (26.6 KB)

Thank you

Looks like you’ve got yourself in over your head there, brah.

“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

Hi Joseph, what do you mean?

Sorry, I’m not going to try and debug Flip Last. Not that I think it has a bug, just that the concept is strange to me, deep into the weeds. If you must go there, well…

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I’m a little surprised that they do seem to match at this point:

Verified visually with my ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool. You might be surprised or inspired by comparing the visual patterns from the original Point list with the last Flip Last.

This requires much more focus and attention than I have to give it at the moment.

Paging Erick Vásquez? @ErickVasquez

Flip Last is from Tree Sloth and is actually from @dave_stasiuk

If the length of each branch is the same works fine. You must keep the same length in all the steps.

flip_ev.gh (33.0 KB)


Makes sense to me. In R5, a Subtraction component seems to be missing from your cluster. Screen shot please so I can fix it?

Wow. So you’re padding the branches with nulls to get their lengths to match, then removing the nulls at the end with Clean Tree? Very cool. Makes perfect sense! :+1:

You did it again Erick, thank you!

I would say it’s not easy to surprise Joseph twice in such a small time frame, so well done! :grin: