Can we please make flip matrix smarter for GH2? [WISH]


Today I have spend hours trying to make this work (I finally did). But it is still baffling that I am required to use 9 components when I should be using 1 for such a simple task. Maybe I am just not good at data managing, or maybe GH isn’t good at it…I collapsed the problem into this simple example.

I have a grid of points, organized in horizontal branches, and I want the tree to be organized in vertical branches, do some operations, and then be able to go back to the horizontal branches structure.

I first tried a geometrical solution, using point in curve. Going back to the previous structure required a different approach using Create Set and Member Index. This approach proved its limits when the points are superimposed over one another. (22.9 KB)

I then tried a data management solution, looking through old threads on the forum. At first it did not work, and I was stunned for a long time, because it should have worked… but of course, Insert ItemS (mind the “s”) does not work with multiple indices, or at least not as one would expect. I revisited an old thread of mine where I noted this, but the solutions provided there did not work with this case.

Hopefully Sort List made it work.

These are the kind of things that a small amount of scripting can make light work of. With complex data there is always going to be hard times flipping and flopping the data around without iterative searches.

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Have you tired reversing the list in the beginning?

this is a little bit more clear

Mmm I am surprised that works, all that is left then is to reverse the paths, with replace paths, like so:

It indeed has to do with what flip matrix is literally doing, each 1st item of each branch goes into a new branch.


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