Replace Paths for flipping a tree structure

I want to flip the order of the branches in my data tree holding a point cloud with an {A= Layer;B= Curve} structure (that I would very much like to maintain)

So I’ve extracted paths, reversed the list, and then used “Replace Path” to reorder the data. At first glance, this seems to work: the last branch has become the first…


  • in the initial tree, Layer {4} has 3737 Curves and Layer {5} 5199,
  • in the flipped tree Layer {4} is now holding 3617 Curves and Layer {5} has now 5319 Curves.

The sum remains the same, but what I want is: Layer {4} 5199 Curves and Layer {5} 3737.

What am I doing wrong?

Also cannot (423.8 KB)
reorder the paths manually because there are actually multiple branches at the 1st level (A)

Thanks for any tips! (417.8 KB)

Thank you so much @HS_Kim, this works well!